THE HISTORY (The Who and Why Behind Wide Open Mobile Tech's Inception)

Passion is the word best used to describe what drives Elliott Deane. It was birthed years ago, back in middle school in North Carolina when he rode a dirt bike for the first time. He knew then that his introduction to motorsports was setting a path for his life. It would be a path that would lead him to not only racing ATVs and sport bikes but also to discovering his entrepreneurial spirit as well.

He remained committed to the desire and vision of becoming a technician throughout his teenage years and after graduating high school, he moved to Orlando, Florida to attend Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI). After spending two years at the Institute, he graduated on the Director’s List (top of his class) and he also received the prestigious distinction of being awarded Suzuki’s Select Tech. He then moved back to North Carolina and accepted a job at Madison Motorsports, the place he enjoyed going as a kid and the same dealership that had helped cultivate the love of the industry in him. Unfortunately, after two years, the recession hit and the dealership closed.

Elliott stayed in North Carolina for a few more years, working at another local dealership where he honed his skills as a lead technician and built up his reputation as a “rock star” in the service department. But then he felt a draw to Saint Augustine, Florida and knew that one of the benefits of the area was the year-round riding compared to North Carolina. So in a leap of faith, he moved and accepted a job as a technician at a local dealership. But this dealership wasn’t at all like the dealerships he had worked at before. Elliott was about to learn the lessons that would take that flame of passion and ignite it into a fire.

He saw that people were not being treated with honesty. Their time was being wasted. And he realized that their money was not being respected as hard-earned, but rather as something to be targeted by the dealership. Elliott set out to change that.

He developed the concept of a mobile motorsports service in mid-2015: A completely self-contained mobile bay with a factory-trained technician that would come to the client’s location to complete diagnostic, service, or repairs on the motorcycle, ATV, or side-by-side. No more dealing with having to haul the machine via a trailer and wait days or weeks for a call to say it’s done. Now everything would be completed the factory way at the client’s convenience, eliminating all of the hassles, saving time, and also money. In August 2015, Wide Open Mobile Tech was founded.

Since then, Wide Open Mobile Tech has grown to serve North/Central Florida and South Georgia, and proudly takes part in offering on-site maintenance at Hog Waller Mud Bog and Soggy Bottom Mud Bog. We are also on My Florida Vendor List and have contracts with several local and government agencies to service their machines. Additionally, Elliott continues to serve Motorcycle Mechanics Institute through teaching classes for current students on the interview process. Along with the heads of the motorsports industry, he also serves on the Institute’s PAC Committee and helps MMI to continue to develop its top-rated curriculum for producing the best motorsports technicians in the industry.

Factory Certified Mobile On Site Motorcycle Repair

Our team at Wide Open Mobile Tech knows that time is your most valuable commodity and that it’s non-refundable, so it’s our goal to help you make the most of it. We are committed to providing professional service in a timely manner, completed the factory way, with safety first, and at your location for your convenience. FAST. RIGHT. AND ON-SITE.

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Make the most of your time and call Wide Open Mobile Tech

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